Being Remarkable

Paul Axtell

About The Author

Paul Axtell provides consulting and personal effectiveness training to a wide variety of clients, from Fortune 100 companies and universities to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. A large focus of his work is how to run effective meetings—to turn them from dreaded calendar items into vital, productive sessions with measurable results.

Paul has an engineering degree from South Dakota School of Mines and an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. He has fifteen years of experience in manufacturing, engineering, and management. For the last twenty years, Paul’s focus has been devoted to designing and leading programs that enhance individual and group performance within large organizations.

He is the author of two award-winning books: Meetings Matter: 8 Powerful Strategies for Remarkable Conversations, acclaimed Best Business Book in four different national book award programs, and Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids: Creating the Relationship You Want with the Most Important People in Your Life, which applies the concepts of his work to the special relationships between parents and children of all ages. Named Best Parenting Book of 2012, it has been translated into Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

He has written Being Remarkable, a powerful collection of advice about work and life gleaned from more than 30 years of working with his clients. He has expanded its reach with the Being Remarkable Series, designed to be used by HR departments in developing their employees at all levels of the organization.

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Remarkable [ri-mahr-kuh-buhl]: unusual in a way that surprises or impresses you; worthy of being noticed; uncommon or extraordinary.

The cartoonist Al Capp once wrote that nothing is so ordinary as the desire to be extraordinary. All of us want to be special—to make a difference.

Over time, however, that desire can erode, and then it’s easy to begin settling for less.

Being remarkable is a perspective that can surround everything you do—even though your actual performance will vary from area to area. As with sports or music, being remarkable in an organization is all about working hard, learning, and practicing over and over to get better and better. It’s a matter of attitude, preparation, and work ethic.

Keeping your intention to be remarkable in front of you is the first step. The next is choosing a critical variable to pay attention to each day. Once you have worked with this variable to a point where it is almost instinctive, then choose another, and then another.

Who needs this booklet: Recent graduates, first-time managers, seasoned employees—anyone looking to stand out—to increase their chances for better employment or opportunities for advancement—or simply to delight in knowing they’re getting better and better in everything they do.

Being Remarkable Booklet: This small but power-packed collection of action items—gleaned from more than 30 years of training people toward greater personal effectiveness—keeps these ideas fresh in your mind, developing the awareness that is the beginning of true and lasting change.

Facilitation Guide: Designed to guide HR professionals, supervisors, and managers in leading development discussions, this manual provides background notes on each of the bullet points in the booklet as well as more than 50 reproducible handouts—everything you need to make teaching this series a rich and rewarding experience for all. 

Personal Workbook for Being Remarkable: Designed to be used individually or as part of a self-guided study group, this book provides access to all the background notes and handouts in the Facilitation Guide, as well as space for reflection and recording insights.  It is rich with additional quotes and suggestions for what to try and observe in each section. 

Videos: Free with purchase of the Facilitation Guide or Personal Workbook.
In brief video clips, Paul Axtell introduces the series and each chapter with stories that illustrate the importance of these insights on your journey toward being remarkable.